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The Storyboard Experience puts you on stage in the cast of the next original show created by RICCI MILAN and the RHYTHM STREET MOVEMENT! 

This is a week-long immersive tap dance intensive.

  • Interactive classes

  • Globally celebrated teachers and choreographers

  • Live musician rehearsals


You will be cast into a unique track and pieces in “The Storyboard” show and will then collaborate with the RSM team to learn how to bring your unique talents, skills, and energy to your role.

You will experience Ricci’s unique collaborative show creation process. 


You will work with original songs, original choreography, the RSM band, the RSM dancers, the RSM production team and the guest teachers/choreographers to create an original and once-in-a-lifetime live stage show! 

Training and Rehearsing for the show will be held at Eleve Performing Arts Center in Bloomington Minnesota.

Intensive will be held July 31st-August 5th  

  • July 31 - Aug 3 9:00-6:00 Master Classes and Rehearsals

  • August 4 - 11:00-8:00 Tech Rehearsal at the Theater

  • August 5 - SHOW DAY! Call time at 2:00. Show at 7:30 pm

ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED. This ensures each dancer can learn, grow and PERFORM at the highest level in this year's show! 

We are offering 3 levels:

Advanced - $750

Intermediate - $750

Beginner (10 & under) - $175

Beginner Class Schedule - Monday July 31st -Wednesday August 2nd 9:00-12:00

The beginner track with include a mini showing on the 3rd starting at 12:00pm. 


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